Cindy Lamar wants to coach you to - 

Live Like You Mean It!


In other words...

Get off auto-pilot

You define success for YOURSELF

Identify what to change

Take action with more confidence






 Coaching is a process that leads to deeper self-awareness and empowerment.

I will help you discover new possibilities for self-fulfillment,

expansion and resilience.




I had never had coaching before, but I was ready to make a big life decision and I just needed some support in following through with it.  My demons were undermining my ability to move forward on this new path.  There was doubt and fear and I have a tendency to push those unpleasant things down and ignore them.  Cindy helped me to actually turn towards these fears and listen to what they had to say.  This was scary, but she had such a gentle way of encouraging me to explore the wisdom of what was coming up.  

She listens, really listens, and can hear what is the important nugget in what you are sharing.  The process of unraveling stuck areas is one that requires gentleness and a bit of challenge.  Cindy is able to balance both qualities in a compassionate way.  I felt totally safe with her and trusted in the process of coaching to yield some sort of loosening of these fears, to make them manageable and even befriend them.  

I am happy to report that I am firmly committed and confident in following the path I have chosen and there are no lingering fears or undermining voices in my way.  Taking the step to work with a coach was an important one for me.  I really don't think I could have moved forward without it.

Hridayashri Pavli