Cindy Lamar is curious by nature and was raised by a teacher and an architect, both artists, who instilled in her a love of learning and a practice of exploratory development. 

They enabled her to study and seek creative outlets, including dance, music and art. As a result, several “threads” run thorough Cindy’s life: music, writing, textiles and yoga.

Professionally, she moved from education in academia to corporate environments and from teaching language to technology training. Leveraging her 17+ years’ experience as an educator, she facilitates deep understanding in coaching clients, approaching all with the same philosophy: Anyone can learn anything. During the 7+ years she produced learning for marketing professionals, Cindy learned to be keenly customer-focused. Her passion for helping people grow led her to program design for professional development, and eventually to coaching.

Cindy is a change agent. Relocating from the East Coast to the West is her boldest move yet, and she is diving into the downtown LA culture and surrounding natural beauty of Los Angeles County, acclimating to the “Angelino way” of being. For her, change equals possibilities. She values self-expression, justice, sustainable living and having fun no matter what.