it began with a need...

In 2013 I knew I needed to add something new to my life but I didn't know exactly what. I had a brush with coaching in a demo at a creative workshop hosted at the Fashion Institute of Technology, NY, and I signed up to receive a brief series of coaching sessions. Empowered by the results, I enrolled in the Coaching For Transformation training at Leadership That Works  because I wanted to help people transform their lives!

Becoming a coach involved rigorous study and being coached by my teachers, my peers and a coach certified from our coach training program. The intensity of the coaching mingled with my yearning to become whole and be a change agent for my life. In 2014 I became a Certified Professional Coach and realized that in the process I was transformed.


The past five years at a start-up cum mid-sized technology company have taught me to be agile, and enabled me to develop an approach to help others navigate the twists, turns and changes encountered in the marketplace. Change opened the door to new possibilities, and I produced some of my strongest work in learning and coaching as a result of changes I didn't initiate but learned to embrace. Inspired, I sought new roles and collaborations, initiating the changes I wanted to make.

Many fear change but it is a constant. I help clients to face change, face fear and discover the excitement and new possibilities changes can bring.


In environments of constant change, the stress that comes with living can cause people to experience continual overwhelm. Managing stress is a skill I learned after surviving an illness in my teenage years. I learned to put health first, listen to what my body is telling me and add fun where I can. In my coaching, I help clients find strategies to enhance their well-being, including stress management, mindfulness, free expression and play. Self-awareness is at the core of coaching and a critical component of well-being.